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We offer a wide variety of courses. Some courses are instructed outside and are only available during warm weather. Please contact us for more information.
All courses require a minimum of 8 students. 

NRA Approved Topics

Basic Pistol Course  (8 hours) $195.00 - Click here 

Illinois Concealed Carry Classes Phase 2 - Classroom Only (8 hours) $100.00 - Click here

Personal Protection Inside the Home (8 hours) $195.00

Personal Protection Outside the Home (16 hours) $300.00

Basic Rifle Course (14 hours) $195.00 - Click here

Range safety Officer (8 hours) $100.00

Basic Shotgun (8 hours) $195.00

Home Firearm Safety (4 hours) $75.00

Survival Shooting Tactics For Armed Confrontations (16 Hours)  $340.00


Rappelling (6 hours) $150.00

Distraction Devices (6 hours) $150.00

Personal Respirators (4 hours) $100.00

O.C. Pepper Spray (4 hours) $75.00


Tactical Team Operations (16-24 hours) $450.00

Active Shooter Response Team  (16 hours) $400.00

Defensive Tactics   

Combat Pistol Workshop ($170.00) - Click here

Defensive Rifle Course  ($195.00)

Handcuffing and Subject Control ($100.00)

Martial Arts

Ju-jitsu (price upon request)

Community Projects

Basic Handgun Fundamentals For Children of Police Officers 

Basic Handgun Fundamentals For Police/Fire Wives

Self-protection Workshop For Seniors

Basic Handgun for Juniors

NRA Law Enforcement Division Approved Courses

Survival Shooting Tactics or Armed Confrontations

Basic Pistol for Self-Defense 

Pistol Craft for the Tactical Officers 

50 Round Handgun Qualification


One hand combat pistol

Combat accuracy

Carjacking Defense

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