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Eric "Iggy" Keyes, Instructor

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Eric “Iggy” Keyes grew up on the Southside of Chicago where he had a love for guns and started shooting BB guns at the early age of 13. As Eric aged, he later joined the U.S. Army which expanded his knowledge of firearms. Once back at home, he attended several classes with the Metropolitan Police Self-Defense Institute as a student, and later became a Police Officer in the Chicagoland Area at the age of 24. During his career over the years, he has worked as a Homicide Detective, as a Narcotics Detective, and as a S.W.A.T. team member. He is comfortable with several firearms, including the Colt 1911, HK firearms, Glock firearms, Sig firearms, and the AR-15.



In the year of 2012, Eric was chosen to compete on Season 4 of the History Channel's television show “Top Shot”, where he placed 12th overall that year. Since the show, Eric became a member of Team TUFF, and has also become a competitive shooter of many different styles.

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With more than 60 Specialized Training Certifications, Eric is currently an Illinois State LE Firearms Pistol and Carbine Instructor, an NRA Instructor, a USCCA Instructor, and an instructor of many other disciplines. He is very happy to give back to where it all started for him as an instructor with the Metropolitan Police Self-Defense Institute.

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